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“Photography is all about light, about learning to see with the eye of your camera and using different lenses to create different images”

by Jonathan and Angela Scott​

Born in Mexico, with German nationality and a Spanish heart, I moved now 7 years back to the incredible India, where I currently live and work.

My passion for photography was born over 25 years ago. Initially, I dedicated mainly my activity to nature and wildlife.

But after meeting Pere Larrègula, a great teacher and even better photographer, I discovered the portrait and fashion photography, the real beauty of light-shaping, and its great creative possibilities.
I'm a partner with Pere of LF Photo Agency, a Barcelona based audiovisual agency specialized in high-end photography and videography.


Specialised in portraits I tend to apply the same approach to my wildlife photography, trying to capture more intimate and special moments.

My wildlife "photographic playgrounds" are, of course, the stunning National Parks in India, Sri Lanka, and Africa, where we try to travel at least once a year.

I use mainly Hasselblad for my portrait and fashion photography, while Sony and Canon high-end Mirrorless and Nikon DSLR for my wildlife photography, and Sony for my filmmaking.

I have collaborated with Canon India in the launch of the EOS 5DMarkIV and the EOS R, as well as with Fujifilm India for the launch of the GFX50s, and have been featured by Nikon India and Nikon MEA, and am currently a Sony India Influencer.

  • Sony Alpha Influencer  
  • Member of the AFP (Asociacion de Fotografos Professionales de España)